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Pocket Squares

are men’s handkerchiefs made from the finest Irish Linen and are permanently pre-folded so they are always ready for use. They are adjustable to your specific pocket depth and are available in a variety of colors to coordinate with any suit, blazer or sport coat and for any occasion.

Pocket Squares in their current form have been around for more than 400 years.  Handkerchiefs have been around much longer though, even pre-dating the Roman Empire. They were originally used by priests to wipe their hands and mouths during services. Pocket-handkerchiefs were originally conceived in Italy and quickly spread across Europe as a must-have accessory for the wealthy men of the time. Learn more about the history of pocket squares.

Today, pocket squares are worn by well-dressed men all over the world. They are a must have accessory for a blazer or suit and fit perfectly (and were designed for) the breast pockets. There are many brands of pocket squares, however, typically they are sold unfolded and can take a long time to carefully fold, starch and iron to the perfect position. With pre-folded pocket squares made from the finest Irish linen, you will never have to worry about your handkerchief coming unfolded or not having time to prepare it beforehand. More information about our pocket squares.