Pocket Squares

Our fine men’s pocket squares are pre-folded for convenience, ease and great looks. These fine handkerchiefs are produced from European flax that is made into linen fabric in Ireland.

Due to its stiffness, linen retains its quality throughout the day. These exquisite pocket squares are made from a full 16″ x 16″ hand rolled Irish linen handkerchief, hand-pressed and permanently folded on an offset so that they fit quickly and neatly into the coat pocket.

Many of our pocket square colors come in two styles, the multi-point and the square ended. When wearing silk or silk-blend neckwear, the first choice and best combination is a linen pocket square. It allows for a refined and relaxed look of elegance and can even be worn with a blazer or sport jacket without a tie.

These pocket squares can be worn many times without care. To wash: Hand wash in cold water and a delicate hand wash detergent. Blot with a towel and let air dry. Can be touched up with a little spray starch and ironed on wool setting.

To adjust length simply roll up or fold the bottom. The pocket square should show above the pocket 1″ to 1.5″.